Monster Hunter World: How to Catch Monsters

It is quite useful to learn the trick of capturing the monsters in the monster hunter world. Once you have learned how to seize the beasts, you can successfully finish your quests without having to slice and dice your prey.

Capturing monsters alive can earn you more rewards and benefits than you would earn by simply taking the beasts down in an old-fashioned manner. With the right timing and the use of appropriate weapons, you can easily manage to apprehend a monster alive.
Although capturing alive monsters is not a necessary requirement save a few optional quests, but knowing the trick will allow you to tick maximum quests off the list successfully.
In monster hunter world, you face two types of monsters depending upon their size. Some monsters are truly giant beasts while others are relatively smaller creatures.
Capturing Large Monsters in Monster Hunter World
First things first, you must possess a trap and some tranquillizer items if you are off to capturing a big monster. Tranquillizers come in multiple forms but we’ll focus on the two important ones-namely a Shock trap and a tranq bomb.

- These two will be placed in your item box ready and waiting to be deployed even when you are investigating specifically to capture a monster.
- You can also have them available in stock on expeditions. You can buy them both from the provisions stockpile or, if you are good at it, you can craft them as well.
- The shock trap will require a trap tool and a thunder bag while tranq bomb needs sleep herbs and para shrooms.

- Once you have both trap and tranq ready, find and chase a monster like normal until the beast is wounded, which happens when it limps while moving and rests back to its nest.
- Carefully follow the monster, and set a trap either at its feet or on the ground in its path. Immediately use a Ghillie mantle if you see the monster has noticed your presence.
After trapping and shocking the monster, use the tranq bomb. When you have used a handful of these on the monster, it will be easily captured.
Trick to capture small creatures in Monster Hunter World and how can you set them as your pet
- In order to capture any small creatures such as frogs, bugs and anything that hovers around, equipping your capture net is the first step.

- You can do so by pressing L1/left bumper, and then rotating through your inventory, press the square button.
- To aim and fire the net on the target, you will use the left and right triggers. As the net doesn’t have much reach, you need to be close enough to the target to capture it. You will know you are close enough when the retractile starts to glow orange.
- If you are aiming for that woodland Pteryx, just wait for them to come to rest as they’re seen gilding between trees high up in area 15.

These are some of the steps that you need to take in order to capture small creatures and make them your pets. Make sure to follow them carefully to avoid any confusion.