Monster Hunter World: How to Change Armor Color?

In monster hunter world, players are offered a plethora of choices to don their armor and character with. And with this much of variety of armor available in the game, it becomes comfortably easy to remain satisfied with the choices available to outfit your character armor. A lot of unique combinations may be compared by mixing the different colors. Additionally, you may either match or throw on a full set of armor on your character. It is only surprising to go on a questing and coming by two hunters donning the same.

The more you progress into the game, the more options continue to become available to you, and you get greater control over how you want to look like while smashing an Anjanath in the face.
Continue reading this armor guide to know how to change your armor color.
How to Change the Color of Your Armor
To change the color (or pigment) of your armor, you will first need to get out of the low-rank content to the high-rank content in monster hunter world as there’s no option available to change the color of low-rank armor in the game. Once you have unlocked the high-rank content, even then you will first need to craft a set of high-rank armor to don your character with. Having the met criteria, the process to change your armor’s color is pretty simple.

Go to your room located in Astera, and approach the item box. A list will pop-up showing a ‘change appearance’ option on the bottom, that is followed by ‘change armor pigment’ option. Just select that option and the rest will be done. You can either choose a specific part of the body to alter or you may alter the entire set at once.

The above-mentioned process is specifically for your character players. However, you also have an option to alter the color of your Palico companion in the monster hunter world. Here’s what you need to do that.
How to Change Your Palico Armor Color

It may come as a surprise for many players that they can also change the color of your Palico’s armor in the monster hunter world. Instead of going to the item box, you need to go to the smithy to do that. You may need to leave the room and go in search for smithy at the next level. In the same mane that allows you to craft Palico equipment, there pops-up an option to change its armor pigment.

Once again, opening the high-rank content is a primary condition for changing the color of Palico armor. No such option is provided in the lower-rank armor. The good news however is that doing this is free and you can change the color of the armor as many times as you like without any charges being incurred.