Monster Hunter World: How to deliver Herbivore Eggs

In monster hunter world, you are given different sorts of quests to solve. A certain kind of missions requires deliveries of stuff. One of the many deliveries quests you are assigned involves the delivery of herbivore eggs to the supply crate in Wildspire waste. This quest is given to you by one Meowscular chief.

These quests are of course a little different from the normal quests that you play in the monster hunter world. Since you can’t progress without finishing them, these quests normally give players a rather tough time. In order therefore to help players to successfully solve this delivery quest, this guideline will help you how to find and deliver the herbivore eggs.
Delivering Herbivore Eggs
Delivering herbivore eggs is not an independent quest in itself but is actually a part of another quest which is called ‘getting yoked in the waste’ which in turn happens to be a sister quest of larger ‘getting yoked in the forest’ quest. To successfully pass the quest, you need to find two herbivore eggs and taking them to the campsite from where the eggs are to be delivered to supply crate.

Finding the herbivore eggs
Transporting and delivering the eggs is a simple process. The essence of the game is how you manage to find and acquire eggs for further delivery.
- In order to get your hands on herbivore eggs, you need to head to the area 4 of the Wildspire waste that is located on the right side of the camp 1 on level 2.
- You can spot this location on the southern-most point on the map. Next, you’ll want to search for a little nook located in the lower section of the area. It is this location where you will find a nest full of broken eggs.

- Having seen the nest, you’ll obviously approach them. Getting closer the eggs will result in the popping-up of a prompt that will enable you to easily pick up the herbivore eggs.

- Once the egg has been collected, you will need to take it to the campsite. This is where a catch lies. Delivering the eggs to the supply crate is not without certain risks and perils. Because as soon as you pick an egg for delivery, a monster comes running your way. The threat of you being chased by a monster is a real one.

- You can manage the risk by either updating your armor skills or by using a Ghillie mantle. The mantle is extremely useful when you put it on before picking up an egg.
Another advantage the mental gives you is the increased time that allows the player to run back to the campsite and return to collect another egg.
Delivering the herbivore eggs is a relatively simpler quest than what you get to do in other quests!