Monster Hunter World: How to get Gems?

The progress in the monster hunter world allows you the opportunity to craft rare items for yourself. The process however is not simple as in order to craft the items that you need, you will first need to be in possession of some more items which help in the crafting of what you want to craft.
The more you go into the game, you’ll need to craft items from materials that aren’t easy to come by. Gems are commonly found ingredients in the MHW that are important for weapon upgrades. You can get craft them if you need to but the task is tedious and could easily worsen if you don’t know how to do it.

Since each gem is different, here is a brief guide on how carefully use gems to your benefit.
Gems at the Elder Melder
You can trade gold wyverian at the elder melder for gems. You can obtain this item in three different ways out of which two can’t be repeated. The first method is to complete the piscine research critical bounties, the second method is completing the endemic life research critical bounties, and the third one is getting all the weekly bounties from the resource center. The last procedure can be repeated since it is to be done on a weekly basis. But the first two are done once done.

Gems from Drops and Carves
This could be an alternative method to get gems when elder melder isn’t available. First, you need to identify monsters that will drop the gem that you need. Sometimes the name of the gem will guide which monsters should you go for. For example, Anjanath gem is acquired from Anjanath monster.

To get gems from this method, do some research. Explore the areas by going on high-rank expeditions. When you reach the research level six, return to Astera and talk to the chief ecologist.

High-Rank Rewards Details
The chief ecologist will help you see the high-rank rewards that you need to go hunting for the monsters that you need to hunt.
Complete Gold Reward Investigations
Upon heading back to the researched center located in Astera, go visit the ‘manage investigations’ sections where you will see that for each potential investigation, there’s a ‘rewards section’. The section has numerous colorized boxes such as bronze color, silver color and gold color.

Golden color boxes are more likely to provide you with rarer items. One of these rare items could be the gem you’re searching for. It is important for you to remember that the gem will only drop as a reward if it shows up in the high-rank reward page’s ‘rewards section’ when you research the beast.
Keep in mind that investigations that result in gold rewards are more difficult. There may be different impositions such as restricted time, reduced max player count etc.