Monster Hunter World: How to Get Majestic Horn?


In monster hunter world, players can upgrade and draft their own weapons and armor using different materials. As there is a wide range of weapons and armors, materials from which they are upgraded also vary in large numbers. However, it is important for players to make an acquaintance with these materials so that they are able to craft weapons whenever they need to.
It should be noted that not all weapons and armor sets can be upgraded and crafted from the same material. Different materials have different uses and purposes.
One such material in monster hunter world is called Majestic horn that is used to craft and upgrade some of the high-rank weapons and armors. Knowing how to obtain it could be useful for the players. This guide is just about that.

Farming Majestic Horn
This material is acquired from the horns of a monster called Diablos in the monster hunter world. The majestic horn is a breakable reward and as its name suggests, it is acquired from the monster’s horns. You can get the majestic horn from both low and high-rank Diablos. You will be hunting the low-rank Diablos as part of the main quest.

Where to Find the Majestic Horn
The item is of extremely rare nature. You are not likely to come by the majestic horn regularly or under usual circumstances. In order to enhance your chances of getting the material, you should better focus on hunting the monster that is known to drop rare items.

In all probabilities, you will have a better chance at obtaining majestic horns from the high-rank Diablos. This monster is known to have shed rewards of rare nature. Knowing where to get the horns is not enough. Before setting out on an expedition to take down a black Diablos, it would be better to make sure that you have what would help you acquire some extra materials. For example, if you use one of the lucky vouchers you have, your chances of receiving extra materials increase. So, be sure to use some if you have few of them.

Before attacking the monster, it is a good idea to make a build that will help collect the breaking parts as the majestic horn is rewarded for breaking the horns of the monster. With some extra money, you can manage to build a more advanced build around the breaking parts containing part breaker, and waist pieces.
Chances that you will get a majestic horn for each horn are rather unlikely. You will most probably need to farm majestic horns on your own for sometime before finally being able to get the quantity you require.
The ideal way is using investigations that require you to hunt the black diablos. This will not only net you some rewards but may also make them be the majestic horns.