Monster Hunter World: How to get Piercing Claw

One of the many exciting things about the monster hunter world is collecting different items to make and craft more items which help players in defeating the new and fiercer monsters. This leads the player to fight even bigger monsters and so the cycle continues.
Although most items that the hunters need are fairly pretty hard to obtain and come by. However, this is not always the case. Sometimes, albeit this occurs quite rarely, players are supposed to find things that are available without much difficulty. So is the case with a piercing claw.
If you are on a quest that needs you to find piercing claw, this guide will walk you through it.

Getting Piercing Claws
You should note that you can only obtain piercing claw only when the game is on the high-rank quests in the monster hunter world. Piercing claw is a high-rank material and therefore naturally requires the player to have skills akin to the high-rank game.

As with other stuff in monster hunter world, you will get this stuff at specified locations or by performing a specific action. In order to get your hands on the piercing claw, you need to find and quarrel with two small monsters. You can see that framing piercing claw isn’t as risky as trying to obtain the gems from an elder and full-grown monster.
Below is the detail of the monsters that could give you the piercing claw
- Shamos - Body Carve: 30%
- Jagras - Body Carve: 20%

As mentioned already that two monsters, namely Shamos, and Jagras give you the piercing claw. You can find these monsters in specified areas in the game. For Shamos, go to the coral highlands and Jagras can be found in the ancient forest.

As both the monsters normally travel in groups which makes the getting easier as it makes smashing and carving their bodies quite time-sufficient. You can literally get the piercing claw delivered in a smashing of one to two minutes.
But there is no point in continuing the beating for a longer time. Chances to get the piercing claw from both the monsters are not so promising. It’s not that you don’t get them at all but it is advised to save your time and energy while keeping in view the probability of success.
From Shamos, the probability that you will get the piercing claw is as low as 30 percent. And it becomes even lower to 20 percent from the Jagras. Hence it would be an exercise in futility to focus more than required.

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