Monster Hunter World: How to get Ryu Armor?


One of the best things about monster hunter world is that the game allows you to customise your player character to the satisfaction of your heart. Be it tweaking stats on your weapon or creating the perfect armor; the game literally allows you to work on your character to your heart’s content. Thankfully, now you can take the player customisation to another level which is regarding the crossover material.

You can easily manage to get your hands-on Ryu armor in monster hunter world, albeit for a very limited period of time. But it won’t come easy. You’ll need to do a little of bit work on your part.
This brief guide will teach you how can you get the Ryu armor.
How to Unlock a Ryu Armor?
Ryo armor in monster hunter world is an unlockable set of armor which you must equip if you want to look like one of the most iconic characters of the famous street fighter game.
Before getting on to finding Ryu, ensure that you have:
- PlayStation 4

- Street Fighter V save Data
- Monster Hunter World
As of now, the Ryu set is only out for PS4 players for those who have a street fighter V save file on their consoles. But don’t worry if you don’t have the file save on your console. You can come up with this deficiency by teaming up with someone who has the save file and enjoy all the benefits, even if you have never played street fighter.

For Xbox One and PS4 players, the Ryu armor will be available on a later date, and if you don’t have it now, you will sadly have to wait for a while more. The quest is more suited alongside another player so you better find a mate to co-op with.
How to get tickets to unlock the Ryu armor?
Nest, you’ll be looking for the limited event quest at the Arena Lass in the gathering hub. You can find this area at the top of Astera, and the vendor is found at the counter. Search a quest called ‘Down the Dark, Muddy Path’ right below the challenges section.

In this quest, you’ll hunt a beast called Barroth in the arena using but a restricted selection of weapons. Knowing how to trap a monster is very important as it could earn you maximum rewards.
At the end of this quest, you will get an SFV ticket. However, you will need seven of these in order to unlock the Ryu armor. Thus, you will go again and replay the quest until you have the required number of tickets.
Remember, the Ryu quest is available for a very limited time, starting from the mid of February and ending on the 1st of March.
As soon as the Ryu armor is unlocked, you can put it on and move around pretending to hadoken the beasts! If you like, you can also buy the hadoken gesture from the PlayStation store.