Monster Hunter World: How to Get the Anjanath Gem?


MHW is a game where quite often one thing is related to another. In order to get or craft a particular item, you need to get another item that is required in the preparation process. So is the case with this quest where players are supposed to find a gem called the Anjanath gem.
At an advanced level in the monster hunter world, players are granted a quest called ‘The Proving’ which rewards them with the ability to make an armor set for themselves known as the horizon zero dawn. An important ingredient needed in the crafting of this armor is the Anjanath gem. Though it only takes one gem to be collected only one gem but even coming that by isn’t easy.

This guide aims to help players with getting the Anjanath gem without incurring a lot of risk or damage.
How to Get an Anjanath Gem
The Anjanath gem comes from the Anjanath monster. To get the gem, you have to capture or kill the monster. This gem drops off from the beast as a high-rank reward that can be carved from the monster’s broken head or tail. Such details become visible when you increase your Anjanath research level to six. Normally, the chances of this reward are low but by you can increase these chances by doing certain things.
- The type of quest that you are playing really matters so you should really keep an active eye on that. Your ideal aim is a quest or quests that result in golden awards as this gem requires high-rank before being dropped off. Therefore, you are advised to classify your investigations specifically for an Anjanath target and certain gold level rewards.

- It is a harsh reality that finding the right quest does not guarantee that you will get what you need. As a matter of fact, the Anjanath gem has an incredibly low drop rate, meaning your chances of getting the stuff are fairly thin. To increase the probability of dropping the Anjanath gem, you might want to target breaking the head and tail of the monster.

- Even doing this could be challenging as killing a monster from a hit on any other area other than its head or tail will potentially reduce the player’s chances of getting the Anjanath gem.
- The target could be made easier if you mount the monster, climb to the limbs that you want to target, that is, head and tail and then work on the specific part. You can’t be sure about breaking the exact part that you need to but doing this will increases your chances of success.

Even if you are able to break the tail and head of the Anjanath, you should definitely loot the parts from the forest floor. This may be your best shot.