Monster Hunter World: How to Get Vespoid Innerwing

As you make progress into the monster hunter world, you’ll unlock high-rank content. And with the unlocking of high-rank stuff, you will have to collect lots of fresh material that you will require to craft items that are found in rarity.

Part of this process involves fighting and collecting stuff just as you have been doing previously in the game. The only difference is that from now on, it is all going to be a little more challenging as the ranks of the quest have increased. One of the quests is getting vespoid Innerwing. While this quest is not very difficult, you should take the approach of a scalpel and not that of a hammer.
This MHW guide explains what you need to do in order to get vespoid Innerwing.

How to Get Vespoid Innerwing?
In order to collect vespoid Innerwing, the first step is finding a group of vespoid. The specific area where you can go searching for vespoid is the Ancient Forest. However, you should remember that you won’t get any vespoid Innerwing if you are playing or are on the low-rank in the monster hunter world.

- The primary condition for vespoid Innerwing to drop is that the players should be engaged in the high-rank content. It may be an expedition, or a quest as long as it is of high rank. If you engage yourself in carving vespoid from participating in lower rank content, you won’t be able to get the vespoid Innerwing that you seek to drop.
- Having located the group of vespoid and after making sure that you are engaging in a high-rank content, you may as well use Redpit as your slinger ammo. Vespoid are small in size and they look like a wasp or a dragonfly. It is important to pay attention while targeting vespoid because you can easily miss them if you are not attentive enough.

- Also, use the appropriate weapon against vespoid as you later to need to carve their bodies. Avoid using a large weapon such as the great sword because they will turn the vespoid into useless dust and you won’t be able to carve vespoid Innerwing from them.
- To kill a vespoid, lock on to them using your slinger by pressing L3 on PS4, or LT if you are on Xbox One. With your Redpit ammo, the vespoid will be down in three hits. Be sure to make it fall on the forest floor in one piece.

When done, approach and carve the vespoid carcass and this will increase your chances of getting the vespoid Innerwing.