Monster Hunter World: How to Unlock Aloy’s Bow?


Monster hunter world offers players a whole range of weapons to play with. Admittedly, some of the weapons are incredibly powerful that could land critical damage to big beasts in almost no time with a single hit. As players require weapons to progress through the game, one of the important weapons added to the list is called aloy’s bow. This bow is coming from the horizon zero dawn.
Remember that this is a very limited time event. However, players on the PlayStation 4 can get their hands on the armor set as well as the bow. The process to get the bow is rather grindy as it requires repetitions quite a number of times.
This brief guide purports to walk you through the process of obtaining an aloy’s bow to add to your list of weapons.
How to Unlock Aloy’s Bow?
There is an established process that enables you to get your hands on the aloy’s bow from horizon zero dawn. To start with, players need to go the closest quest board or as it is also called the quest lass and from there, navigate to the event menu. Once in the event menu, you should be looking for a specific quest called ‘The Proving’. The name must definitely ring a bell for anyone who’s played the game already!

The game is also the procedure to help you unlock the aloy’s armor! The quest ‘The Proving’ requires players to meet certain requirements before getting opened up successfully. You should know that ‘The Proving’ is a high-rank quest and is extremely time sensitive. For it to be played, you are supposed to be on at least a hunter rank 11 and not less than that. The location of the quest is the ancient forest.

‘The Proving’ requires you to hunt a fully grown Anjanath monster in a time not exceeding 50 minutes! Remember, killing the beast in exactly the fifty minutes is key to accomplishing the minutes. Else, you fail. And failing means try again!

Once the player has killed the beast in the time allowed, you will stand in receipt of an item called ‘Nova Brave Trophy’. This trophy is basically a ticket that would provide help in crafting the aloy’s bow.
Acquiring one nova brave trophy is not enough. In order to successfully craft the item, you’ll need at least 2 of these ‘nova brave trophies’ which means doing the same quest at least two times. And this is just to get the bow alone!
Aside from the trophies, you will need the following items to craft a bow
- Anjanath Fang+ x3
- Monster Keenbone x5]

- Anjanath Plate x1
Almost all of these items can be acquired by killing the Anjanath as part of the quest. However, in order to get the Anjanath plate, you need to use the melding pot to craft that.
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Mar 24, 2019
Sorry, but part of this guide is incomplete. Whilst you can indeed get Anjanath Plate from the Elder Melder, it is also available as a rare drop from the monster itself.
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