Monster Hunter World - Hunt a Deviljho Quest Guide


You will be fighting a very frightening monster in this quest which is very aggressive in nature. So to know how to defeat the monster and complete this quest, refer to the guide given below:
Another monster that you will have to deal with after the game. This one is a completely new monster so that means you have not faced it before. This one is not only a very strong monster but also a dangerous one. You will get a lot of damage for its attacks so make sure to play it safe. So the objective of the quest is to hunt down a monster named Deviljho which is what it is really like; a Devil.

Anyways, if you successfully complete the objective, you will be rewarded with a generous amount of 14400z which you got the last time you defeated this monster. You will be given a window of 50 minutes to defeat the monster but if you fail to do that, you will fail the quest. You will also fail it if you faint three times during the quest. Lastly, you will be required to have a hunter rank of 13 or more which you should have by now. Anyways, with the basics out of the way, let’s start the quest:

- When you reach the Ancient Forest, make sure to eat a good meal. It makes breath attacks that deal Dragon elemental damage and can also inflict Dragonblight but that can be cured using the Nulberries. Also, you will benefit if you bring along a weapon that does Thunder and Dragon element damage. So once you are done preparing, go to the AREA 8 and then start picking up the tracks of Deviljho.

- The Deviljhois a very aggressive monster and will make attacks frequently but the good thing is that it can get tired easily. Most of its attacks come from its maw which it uses to perform a variety of attacks along with the lunging bite. Its other attacks involve hip-rush and a tail sweep and it also performs a three bite combo that covers a lot of ground. It has a great range for its attacks so it obvious that you should maintain your distance and look out for its maw.

- The head and belly of Deviljhoare both receptive to damage and both of them are breakable while the tail is severable. The monster is weak to Dragon and Thunder elements and takes the least damage from the Ice. Also, the Deviljho is moderately susceptible to all of the ailments.
So fight the monster while keeping these things in mind and you will be able to soon defeat it. Once you do that, you will end the quest and will be rewarded with an adequate reward of 14400z.