Your ranking as a hunter plays a crucial role in your overall performance in the monster hunter world. The higher you rank as a hunter, the more reward you in the game. This monster hunter world guide helps you in improving your current ranking and achieve a higher, and better scale on the MHW ranking.

Below are some of the points related to Hunter Rank that you should know:
It Will Be Easy at Start:
When you enter into the MHW, you start with the lowest rank, one (1). The maximum ranking in the monster hunter world is 999 which is obviously going to take a lot of grinding and energy to achieve.
When you reach the Aster area of the hub shortly after commencing into the MHW, you will be given your first mission which would be to take down the great Jagras in the ancient forest.

Upon finishing this quest, your level in ranking will go up to 2, and you will unlock the ability to undertake fresh assignments from the quest board placed in Astera.

There is a Pattern:
A systematic pattern is observed for increasing the ranking in the MHW during early phases. As soon as a player finishes a quest taking down a powerful monster, a ranking of 1 is added to their previous record. However, as you proceed more and more into the game, the pattern fades. Initially, it would take to finish story-related quests to raise up your rank. But gradually, you only get a higher rank when you successfully fight with increasingly difficult and more challenging opponents.
Don’t Underestimate Story Quests:
In order to increase your rank, it is important that you focus on story related missions while the optional quests and Arena quests won’t be of much use to improve your hunter ranking. Story-related missions can be of critical importance in making your hunter ranking in yet another way: Each story-related quest increases your ranking and also paves the way for another story-related mission, making it possible for you get higher hunter ranking. So, completing story-related quests, and getting higher hunter ranking go together.

The Ranking is Important for Progress:
Improving your ranking is always a good idea because it enables you to progress through the game fast and unlocks more quests for you. Your ranking will automatically continue to improve as you solve more and more quests, no matter if those quests are assigned quests or optional quests. It should be noted, however, that quests based on a story or story-related missions earn you additional benefits along with improving your hunter ranking.

You also get some additional benefits from story-related quests as well. In a mission, for example, where you square off with Rathian and kill it, you will be then allowed to craft some Rathian-related armory from the Smithy in the workshop.