Monster Hunter World Insect Glaive Guide


Insect glaive is definitely one of the most difficult weapons to come by in the monster hunter world. Once you get grips to it, insect glaive could also prove to be deadliest if you have got the trick how to make use of it. This monster hunter world insect glaive guide details all the numerous insect glaive combos, and everything that you need to know about the amazing and wonderful MHW kinsects. In this guide, you’ll also learn how to upgrade the insects in order to get the best attack power out of this knotty weapon.
Insect glaive is surely the fastest and buoyant piece of ammo in the monster hunter world game. As it is the only aerial weapon in MHW, insect glaive is fully capable of launching the user over monsters regardless of whether the beast is flying or not. On top of everything, this weapon also helps you mount the monsters and make an attack on them from above.
Controls for Insect Glaive Weapon:
To effectively use the weapon, you need to manage and understand the following controls
- For draw attack, use triangle/y or the right trigger
- For rising slash combo, use triangle/Y

- For wide sweep, use circle/B
- For vault, use right trigger along with cross/X
- For kinsect harvest monster extract, use left trigger along with cross/X

The insect glaive weapon basically works as a staff which can be used to perform slashes and sweeping attacks on the enemy. Insect Glaive’s ‘vault’ ability is its most distinguishing feature. You are propelled into the air and you can press any control and launch an attack on the monster that’s beneath you. And if you don’t attack, you capably mount the beast.

Kinsect Guide:
What makes insect glaive so unique a weapon is the attachment of the kinsect to it. You kick off MHW with two kinsect weapons called culldrone and mulldrone respectively. If you need an upgrade either of the kinsect items, you can do so by visiting the smithy in the workshop in the ‘nurture a kinsect’ option. Select the kind of kinsect you want to upgrade and you can do it just as you upgrade any other weapon, that is, by applying monster items.

When you are fighting a monster with the help of an insect glaive, kinsect could help you in two ways. You can either have insect attacked the beast head-on or you can command it to go and harvest the monster extract. The probability of returning is one out of four buffs which are mostly color coded.
Kinsect Dust:
Whenever your kinsect lands a hit on a monster, a cloud of dust is formed. The dust corresponds to the type of element your kinsect consists of. When you the cloud is formed, it’ll explode showering the area by whichever element it was made of.
This feature is enormously helpful especially if you’re playing with a teammate.