Monster Hunter World Multiplayer Guide

As mentioned in Monster Hunter World beginner’s guide, taking down monsters while playing solo is a cool way of mastering the fundamentals of the game. But if you continue to stay on the A-game, you are likely to hit a monster-shaped wall which is almost next to impossible to be done sole. This is the right time when you need to team up with other players. As a matter of fact, playing in a group is where the actual fun lies for the Monster Hunter World.
This brief guide will help you understand how to approach multiple player mode.
Invite friends
Isn’t it nice to have friends? All you need is to have either of the following and you are good!
- The same console
- The game
- A connection to the internet
- And PlayStation plus

First, create an online session. In case you need recreate or confirm the already-made settings, you can do so at every quest board on Astera. Another way is talking to the handler about the same and he will fix it for you.

Head on to Astera’s gathering, and invite your friends to your session. Doing so will bring up the list of your friends and you can invite anyone you want to, provided they’re playing already into your session. Be advised that your friends are only visible to you when they are here in the gathering hub.

Build up a squad
This will make life much easier for you. In order to create a squad, speak to the squad manager when everyone you want to include is in the gathering hub. After that, send invites to everyone. Be sure to pick up a clever and funny name for you.
From this moment onwards, when you load up Monster Hunter: the world you can easily look if any friend from your squad has a session going on from search the squad bar.
When you are altogether, request the hub lass at the quest counter to publish a quest for you.
Exchange Guild cards
Once you have built up a team with your favorite pals in it, you might want to exchange guild cards with one another! This is simple to do
Go to options button/System menu>Info>Guild cards>send
From here you can either select the specific friends or all!

In case you need to receive cards, go to the same menu except that instead of ‘send’, you will open ‘receive’. Since you have ignored this feature for a while, you need to work on this to set things straight.
The more you personalize it, the better it will be for you. The more you play with your friends, the stronger will your unity grow. This will be pretty nice for you both as a team as well as your friends.