Monster Hunter World - Old World Monster in the New World Quest Guide

The quest will make you face an old enemy which is a lot more dangerous this time. The reward is huge for this quest so you should complete it. And if you want to know more about the quest and how you can successfully complete it then refer to the guide given below:
This is one of the most important quests that you have gotten till now. Mostly because it has the highest reward. The theme of the quest is the same old tracking and hunting of a monster. The objective is to hunt down a monster that is basically a Rathian but in pink color so it is a pink Rathian.

And if you complete the quest, you will be rewarded with a whopping 12600z which is the highest amount that you have gotten till now. So the window of completing this quest is 50 minutes and if you complete the quest successfully in this time, you will get the reward but if you don’t, you will fail the quest. You will also fail the quest if you faint three times during the quest. The Hunter Rank that is required to start this quest is 12. Now that all the basics are out of the way, let’s start the quest:
- Go to the quest board and accept the quest to start it. Just make sure to eat a meal before going to the Coral Highlands as you will find the Pink Rathian there. As you reach the Coral Highlands, you will start to fight the Pink Rathian followed by a cutscene.

- The color of this one may be different but it is still a Rathian so most of the attacks are the same. But, this one has very high damage compared to the normal Rathian. It can also inflict the poison damage with the use of its tail. If there is a big difference between the normal Rathian and the Pink Rathian is that this one uses its tail a lot that includes a very painful attack, spinning tail lash.

- It’s all about positioning and patience in defeating this Pink Rathian. Just be confident and make a few, safe and small attacks whenever you see an opening. The head, tail and wings of the Pink Rathian are breakable and its head is the part which is most receptive to damage.

- Also keep in mind that the arms, body and legs are not good target and head, tail and wings are safer and damage receptive targets. Lastly, the Pink Rathian is weak to the Dragon element attacks and is very strong versus the fire. It is also weak against the stun ailment. So fight the monster while keeping these things in mind.

Once you have killed the monster, carve it and you will complete the quest and that’s when you will receive a huge reward of 12600z.