In monster hunter world, Palico guide serves you as a guiding companion wherever you go. Even though it looks like a slightly humanoid cat, it may be put during the intense combat. This MHW guides you on how to make use of Palico gadgets and how can you upgrade Palico equipment.
Customize Your Palico:
As soon as the monster hunter world starts, you’re prompted to a menu where you are required to customize the looks of your Palico from the scratch. Once done, you are exposed open to the game and facing monsters one after another before finally making it to the hub area.

Interacting With Palico:
In order to communicate and meet with Palico, get to the curtain in the ship’s side, left to where the commander is standing, and you’ll find yourself in private quarters with your Palico guide.
Move forward and interact with Palico. Here you’ll also have the option to sell Palico’s gear and you can decide whether or not you want to have them stay at Astera and miss on your upcoming quests! The recommended solution is that you take Palico with you.

Getting Palico Weapons and Armor Guide
You may be confused about how to get realistic weapons and equipment for your Palico to use? You get access to crafting the corresponding fresh armory from the Smithy in the workshop every time you defeat a fresh monster whether through the main quest or an optional quest.

The manner to acquire weapons for your Palico is seemingly a lot like how you get weapons for your player character. However, the good news is that the gear for Palico costs a lot fewer monster items. You can buy fresh armor items for your Palico, available in two parts of the helmet and body, for one to two items in total.
Gadgets used by Palico in Monster Hunter World
The Palico is in possession of the basic vigroswayap spray which is stored in its arsenal. The feature of this spray is that it gives the Palico the ability to fetch over a vigor wasp that is found in the nearby surroundings. The Palico then explodes it over you right in the middle of the heated engagement with the monster. The effect of the spray will boost your health, giving you refreshing energy to continue battling the monster.

If you want to open other incredibly helpful and amazing gadgets for your feline friend, you can do so! All you need is to find the myriad Grimalkyne tribes lost somewhere in the monster hunter world, and help them out with their needs.
These are some necessary things to know when you are planning on using your Palico. Remember, Palico can be very useful if you use it properly.