Monster Hunter World: Sight All the Monsters in Elder’s Recess

Monster hunter world is a game required to be played with precision and timing. In this game, players are assigned numerous quests that they are supposed to finish as per given rules. Successful ending of a quest results in rewards and awards being granted upon the player.
One of the quests is about sighting different monsters in what is called the elder’s recess. In this quest, you’re tasked with sighting all the monsters that appear in your sight. It may sound a little perplexed as there’s no mention of how many monsters there actually are.
This guideline will help you solve the mission about sighting the monsters in elder’s recess.

Where to sight monsters?
Having followed the admiral, you’ll be looking for evidence to search Nergigante. But your more important task is sighting all the monster’s in elder’s recess. Remember that in elder’s recess, there’s quite a number of monsters which you can count including Azure Rathalos, and Bazelguese but these two monsters don’t count in the total. Nonetheless, it is still important to sight them because without finding them, you won’t be able to unlock all armor sets in the game.

Therefore, find and collect materials from these two monsters.
The quest won’t be finished unless you sight these three monsters
- Dodogama
- Uragaan
- Lavasiath
Where to Sight Uragaan?
To sight Uragaan, you need to head to the area 2 of the elder’s recess. You can track this monster by searching for the print that looks like a bunch of dots. Aside from having flat protrusions, this rolling monster takes after Radobaan.

Where to Sight Dodogama?
Dodogama can be sighted by going to the lower level of elder’s recess. This would be the Area 8. Keep a watchful eye for the large crystal-made structures because it is exactly here that you will spot Dodogama eating rocks and spewing out Lava.

Where to sight Lavasiath?
In order to sight the final monster, Lavasiath, you should go the lower level of the elder’s recess. Remember that sighting this monster is a must for finishing the quest. This monster is heavily based on fire. To sight it, you should head to the areas 10 and 11, located at the lower levels of elder’s recess.

Before you go on with sighting this beast, it is important for you to know that this monster is spitting lava-like a volcano, therefore, always keep your distance from the beast. Getting too close will lead you fire damage that will sustain you heavy fire damage.
Now that you have sighted the monsters, you should have finished the ‘sight all monster’s in elder’s recess’ sub-task.
The quest itself is not difficult but may still consume a lot of your time if you don’t have any idea where can you go to find the monster.