Monster Hunter World - Talons of Ire and Ice Quest Guide

The quest is a bit different as you will be facing two monsters that can eat you in minutes. Anyways, don’t fret, just read the guide given below and you will be fine:
This is a big one. You will be facing a major threat in this quest and this is because you will have to hunt more than one monster. And unlike the usually quests where you have to hunt small monsters to complete a quest, you will be hunting two big monsters in this one. That is why you will be facing a major issue. The objective of the quest is to track and hunt two monsters named Odogaron and Legiana, yes you read it right.

If you successfully complete the quest, you will get a reward that you have never ever gotten and that is 20160z which is HUGE. Anyways, you will be given a window of 50 minutes to complete the quest and if you didn’t complete it in this time, you would fail the quest. You will also fail it if you faint three times during it and that can happen as you will be facing two monsters. Lastly, you will need a Hunter Rank of 13 or more to start the quest and you should have that by now as you have completed the quests that required the same level in the past. So with the basics out of the way, let’s start the work:
-Both of these enemies the Odogaron and Legiana are annoying enemies but the good news is that you don’t have to fight both of them at the same times. Although it can happen as the Odogaron is a beast that likes to adventure and you may come across it in AREA 12 where the Legiana dwells as well. But it is up to you to handle the fight in a way that does not let both monsters cross paths.

- First of all, you should be focusing on the Legiana so make sure to take some Dung Pods and Flash Pods with you. The former of them will help you dispatch the Legiana when it Is being a little flighty while the latter will discourage Odogaron. You can also make them cross each other and let them fight as they are not friends with each other. But it depends on you.

- Anyways, just remember that you may come across the Gajalaka in AREA 12, just don’t engage with it and focus on the Legiana. The Legiana can be paralyzed or put to sleep by Gajalaka so it will be easier for you to kill it. Once you have dealt with the Legiana, go ahead and kill the Odogaron.

- It will be easy for you to kill both of the monsters as you have already fought them so you know their weaknesses, attacks, strengths and areas where they like to dwell. So it is just a matter of time before you get to both and kill them.

Once you kill both of the enemies you will be able to complete the quest and that will reward you with a whopping 20160z.