Monster Hunter World - The Meat of the Matter Quest Guide

This is a different kind of quest that will require you to discover some items and bring them back to the camp while fighting a different type of monsters. So if you want to know about the quest and how you can complete it, refer to the guide below:
Now that’s a completely different quest, a quest that you have not done before. It is a delivery quest but you need to deliver something really different. No eggs this time, its meat. By the end of the quest, you will be feeling like a butcher. Anyways, the objective of the quest is to deliver two lumps of meat. It may not be an easy one as you will have to fight a monster on your way to getting the lumps of meat.

But if you complete the quest, you will get a reward of 3600z which is sufficient for this quest. The time limit of the quest is 50 minutes and if you run out of time then you will fail the quest. Also, if you faint three times during the quest, you will fail it. Lastly, you will be required to have a Hunter Rank of at least 8 to start this quest which you should have by now as you have completed quests that require just the rank previously. Anyways, let’s start the quest:
- If you recall the quest where you fought Odogaron or captured it, you will come to know that you can find the lumps of meat there, AREA 13 which is the lair of this monster. This means, you will have to fight the Odogaron as well, right? Well no. It is possible that the Odogaron make no appearance at all. So don’t fret and start the quest.

- One thing that you need to keep in mind as you move closer to the AREA 13 is that you may face two groups of the Girros, so make sure to go prepared. Also, on your way to the AREA 13. You will come across some Raphinos, Vespoids and Horentaurs. So make up your mind as you are going to face a lot of monsters.

- And by the time you will return after taking the two meats of Lumps from AREA 13, the monsters in AREA 10 will be respawned. So you can do one thing and that is to kill the Girros quickly, grab the lumps of meat and hurry back so there is a chance that the monsters may not have respawned and even if they do, you can avoid them and keep running while managing your stamina.

- So if you take up the above-mentioned tactic and keep running, you will be safe when you reach the vines that are leading up to the central camp located in the AREA 11. Deposit the two limps of meat in the supply box and the quest will be complete.

So these are the things that you need to keep in mind if you are planning on completing this quest. Once you complete it, you will be given a decent amount of 3600z.