Monster Hunter World - Two-Horned Hostility Quest Guide

You will be facing an old enemy but with more power in this quest. If you want to know how you can defeat the monster and how you can complete the quest successfully then you should read the guide given below:
This is one of the many quests in Elder’s Recess where you get to fight the stronger versions of the monsters you have previously defeated. This one is also one of those quests and is going to be a bit challenging as the monster is stronger than its normal version.

The objective of the quest is to track and kill the monster named as Black Diablos. If you successfully complete the quest, you will be rewarded with the whopping 14400z which is a lot. The window of time to complete the quest is 50 minutes and I you do not complete the quest in that time, you will fail the quest. You will also fail the quest if you fain three times during it. The Hunter Rank that you are required to start the quest is 13 or higher and you should have it by now as you have previously completed quests that required the same rank. Anyways, with that being said, let’s start the quest:
- The Black Diablos is the stronger variant of the normal Diablos. The moves of the both Diablos is same and the Black Diablos inhibits in a same environ and exhibits the same behavior as the normal Diablos. So the gist of the matter is that you will be fighting with the same version of the normal Diablos but is just stronger.

- If you want to find the Black Diablos, then you will have to start your search from the AREA 6 or AREA 8. Go there, search for tracks and then start tracking them once your scoutfly level is up. Remember that the lair of the Black Diablos is in AREAS 13 and 14.

- Just like the normal Diablos, the resistance to damage of Black Diablos depends on the damage type and the body part that gets stuck. The wings, belly and head of the Black Diablos are the weakest areas and receive a lot of damage. The head of the Black Diablos, however, is the weakest part to the blunt and the belly is weak to bling and cut. Lastly, the wings are weak against the damage of ammo.

- The tail of the Black Diablos is severable and it does not get affected by the Dragon damage. The horns of the Black Diablos are also breakable. Remember one thing; the Black Diablos is weak against Paralysis. So fight the monster while keeping these things in mind and the remaining things are the same as the normal Diablos.

Fight the monster and kill it. Once it is dead, carve it and you will end the quest. Once the quest is ended, you will receive the reward of 14400z.