Monster Hunter World: Weakness Exploit


Many players get confused when they hear the name of weakness exploit. To them, it sounds like any other typical quest in MHW. But as a matter of fact, weakness exploit in the monster world is a piece of armor that is activated when you get equipped with certain weapons.
This brief guide has been prepared to serve the understanding of the players about the weakness exploit they are most likely to encounter while playing monster hunter world.
What is the weakness exploit?
Basically, an armor set, a weakness exploit is extremely helpful while combatting a monster. It effectively gives a boost to the affinity of the attack that is landed on a weak point on a given beast. For example, the weak spot for monster Nergigante is its tail, so when you attack the monster’s tail while wearing an armor that lets you the skill to identify the weak spot, your attacks on the tail would certainly be far more damaging and critical.

There are different levels of weakness exploit armor. With every level going up, the strength of the weakness exploit armor increases. The weakness exploit affinity at level one is 15 percent which goes on to be 30 percent at the second level and as you enter the third level, weakness exploit affinity level stands at 50 percent.
A number of armor pieces will grant you the weakness exploit armor but neither of gives you the level 3. To get to that, however, be sure to be equipped with more than one piece of armor.
List of armors and level they give to you
As has been mentioned, there are different sets of armor that give you a different level of weakness exploit. But there is no armor which could give you the level three. The below is a description of which is given below
Set of armors that give you level one weakness exploit skill are
- Rathalos Mail (Low Rank)
- Rathalos Greaves a

- Kaiser Coil a (Teostra a
- Kaiser Vambraces b (Teostra)

Above mentioned four armors give a level 1 boost to your weakness exploit skill. By equipping your character with either of these armor sets, your weakness exploit skill’s affinity goes on to be 15 percent.
Once at level one, your next challenge would be to get to the second stage. When you reach there, you get the following armor sets that give your weakness exploit skill affinity level-up to 30 percent
- Dragonking Eyepatch a

- Rathalos Mail a
- Rathalos Mail b
- Kaiser Vambraces a (Teostra a)
So after reading this guide, you will have the idea regarding the Weakness Exploit and what type of armors give you the highest affinity level.