Monster Hunter World: What do golden eggs do?

Players playing monster hunter world continue to constantly discover many amazing and unusual things as they progress through the game more and more. One after another, you come by items that leave you wondering and asking ‘what does it do?’ As there’s hardly anything in monster hunter world which is entirely useless, the player’s surprise is pretty reasonable.
One of these surprising and unusual things is what is called the humble golden egg. The golden egg is received as a reward for completing some quests in the monster hunter world. Once the player has been awarded the golden eggs, it is entirely the discretion of the player whether he wants to keep or sell them.

What Do Golden Eggs Do
As has been mentioned before, golden eggs are one of the many trade-in items in the monster hunter world that can be earned by completing certain quests. The major benefit of these eggs is that they can be sold for a tidy amount of profit. Since the eggs can’t be used to craft a distinguishing piece of armor unlike the tailrader voucher or the sliver wyverian print, the only benefit that players can obtain from them is by trading-in or selling them. The eggs are surely to earn you a good amount of zennies.

There is absolutely no sense in holding on to the item as it is totally useless in upgrading or crafting any weapon or armor but it can be kept as a reserve to be sold when you are running low on funds, requiring an instant bump.
Selling the Golden Egg
If you decide against reserving the golden egg and wish to sell it, you will need to head to the Astera and talk to the Provision vendor about it who then will facilitate in the selling of the eggs, helping you earn zennies.

In order to find the golden egg, go select the ‘sell’ option and thereafter opting the sell something ‘’from item box’. You might want to use the triggers to scroll to the symbol of the sleeping dragon, and then employ bumpers to navigate through the pages. Golden eggs are usually located on one of the last pages closer to any Steel eggs or Silver eggs if you have got any of those.

Golden eggs usually sell for around 20,000 zennies. This much amount is sufficient to get you a couple of upgrades on armor or perhaps even a new shiny piece of armor!

As soon as you unlock the high-rank content in monster hunter world, you will see that the quests reward you with more valuable items most of which can be used to upgrade the gear. However, a few of these rewards will be of ‘trade-in’ nature that can help you in earning zennies and other than that, they serve no purpose. Golden eggs are one of these trade-in items that help you during your rainy days.