Monster Hunter World: What is the 50152-MW1 Error?

All the famous video games, no matter how sophisticated or detailed they are in the end nothing but an intricated piece of software. So is the matter with monster hunter world. Although most of the times players don’t have much trouble playing it as per their heart’s desires things don’t work as intended sometimes.
Recently an error has been showing up on the monster hunter world which prevents the players from joining in with their friends. One such error is a 50152-MW1 error which creates issues while matchmaking.

Here’s a brief guideline that will tell you about this error and how to overcome it.
What is a 50152-MW1 error?
Players encounter the 50152-MW1 error in different situations and conditions. Most of these conditions are related to the online matchmaking of the players. Since the monster hunter world is a game that most players like to play with friends online, making a connection to the players online is the first thing many players do after launching the game. This is precisely where the ugly 50152-MW1 error pops-up.
You must be wondering about how to fix this error. The sad news is that there isn’t any such fix that would erode the error completely. But the positive thing is that the error code seems to have no presence in any kind of monster hunter world or any Capcom support database. Having said that, there are multiple posts spread on the internet where players have reported being successful through a number of methods.

How to bypass 50152-MW1 Error in Monster Hunter World?
For many months now, the PlayStation 4 users have managed to live with the 50152-MW1 error but it seems the trouble can be bypassed after all. According to many user reports, the error could be made away with a workaround involving two different strategies. Players may either log out and then log back into the PlayStation network and/or they could get rid of the error by rebuilding the PlayStation’s database.

In the first procedure, players need to log out of the PS4 system, followed by a log-in into the PSN account on a computer (NOT the smartphone app for PS4), and then logging back in the PlayStation 4 system. Although it is not certain what doing this fix but it is advised as many players have reported success from this.
The second method requires unplugging the running PlayStation 4 forcing it to do a complete database rebuild. As it could be dangerous, we do NOT recommend this method at all. The safer way to do this is to rebuild the database in the safe mode-entering safe-mode in PS4 can be learned through the play station’s website.

For PC players
If you play MHW on a PC, you may get around the error by setting launch options which clears up certain awkward interactions between the game, internet-based protocols, and the steam UI.
Getting rid of the error on Xbox One
Sadly, there are no Xbox one workarounds for this error as of now. However, if trying either of the above methods doesn’t work, players can always enjoy the game off-line while Capcom works out the root cause of the problem.

What we can assure you that it won’t last for long.