Monster Hunter World: Where to Find All the Gajalaka Doodles?

In order to unlock the final Palico gadget, players are supposed to find all the Gajalaka doodles in the monster hunter world which can, of course, be quite a challenging task. Finding the doodles involves a systematic process of making your way to the first four areas and once there, start looking for traces of the otherwise mysterious Gajalaka creatures.
This monster hunter guide purports to help players in finding the Gajalaka doodles in as little time as possible.

Where to Find All the Gajalaka Doodles?
There are total 10 Gajalaka doodles that remain hidden well through the areas of the Ancient Forest, Wildspire waste, Coral Highlands, and the Rotten Vale. The quest requiring players to find these are called ‘Cultural Exchange: Gajalaka Linguistics’. Passing this quest is a must if you are looking to unlock the meowlotoy cocktail Palico gadget. The best way to find these Gajalaka doodles is to go on a solo expedition. You can locate the Gajalaka on your map and head where they’re located.

As you approach the Gajalaka, you must exercise caution as the Gajalaka are incredibly powerful. As soon as they saw or even sense you coming, the Gajalaka will start attacking you with Molotov cocktails and paralysis darts.
If you are lucky, you may get them by visiting only two to three areas instead of all four. However, the chances are more that you will be required to go through all four areas in order to find the Gajalaka doodles. Given below are names and some details of the areas that you can visit to find the doodles.

Gajalaka Doodles-Ancient Forest
The maiden chance of success in the Ancient forest lies in Area 5 near the rocks on the western wall. Then you can go to the upper levels of the great tree in Area 15 where you can also find the doodles.

Gajalaka Doodles-Wildspire Waste
For the other two doodles, start at the first campsite in the Wildspire and head to the Area 7.
Then you might want to go to the Area 3 where you encounter one of the flying wyverns.
Gajalaka Doodles-Coral Highlands
You can find two more Gajalaka doodles in the coral highlands. In case you are having trouble finding them, open your map and look for the Gajalaka creatures as they exist near the doodles’ markings.

To find the doodles, head to area 12 that is located on the middle layer of the coral highlands.
Gajalaka Doodles-Rotten Vale
Finally, your quest looking for the Gajalaka doodles comes to an end in the Rotten Vale. By this time, you should be possessing 6 Gajalaka doodles; the last four doodles can be found here in the Rotten Vale.
To find the first two markings, head to the area 3 near the exit of the long ramp to Area 4.
And for the remaining two doodles, you need to head to the cave system in Area 15. In this area, you will come by a huge amount of the markings that will eventually prove to be your benefit in helping you end the quest.