Monster Hunter World: Where to Find Carbalite Ore?

Once the players have made enough progress through the monster hunter world from making multiple repeated visits to the Smithy, they’ll begin to understand that the weapon is a tree is much larger and complicated than it first appeared to them. This happens when players go beyond typical monster hunter world quests and enter the realm of higher-rank quests, expeditions, armor, and weapons. All of this stuff is tied together by the fact that each of them pertains to the high-rank class of materials.
Regular monsters and quests do not give you these materials. And one of these important materials is Carbalite ore that is extremely important to the players’ crafting needs in the game.
Through this monster hunter world guide, you will get to know what is Carbalite ore and how can you get it before making use of the ore to your benefit.

Where to Find Carbalite Ore
When you are participating in higher-rank quests and expeditions, you can find Carbalite ore by mining outcrops. These are the same outcrops that you have mined throughout your gaming experience in the monster hunter world. However, as the rank of the quests is far higher, the materials that these outcrops now provide you with are quite different. The advantage that you get from these new materials is that they can be used in crafting advanced versions of the weapons that you have long wished to get upgraded at the Smithy.

The content does not become available to players comfortably. In monster hunter world, you will need to complete certain quests assigned to you in order to unlock the high-rank content. One of such quests that help you unlock the high-rank content is called ‘A Colossal Task’. The quest requires you to square off with a giant beast which, however, you won’t be facing for the maiden time.

During the ‘A Colossal Task’ quest, you will fight off Zorah Magdaros. You have already fought Zorah previously so this will be your second time. Having killed or captured the monster, you will need to head back to Astera. No need to get excited as the quest doesn’t end with your return to Astera. Once you have come back to the Astera, you will be sent off to fight another monster of high rank called Pukei-Pukei. Having killed or captured the beast, you will return to Astera one more time.

In Astera, visit the quest board or the resource center to get the six-star ranked high-rank content. When you are on a high-rank quest, look for outcrops and mining them will you give you a considerable chance at getting Carbalite ore.

Remember that even if you mistakenly go on a regular or a normal quest, you won’t receive any high-rank rewards including Carbalite ore. So, make sure to be on a high-rank quest to get what you want.