Monster Hunter World: Where to Find Forgotten Fossils?

In one of the kinds of quests in monster hunter world, players are sent to find ingredients to improve and better the canteen. The mission requires players to leave their space and explore the game for new and exciting ingredients which would add to the quality of food provided by the canteen. Some of what players are required to find may be completely inedible yet it is still an enthralling experience to hunt down new places in search of items that will enhance the quality of food items prepared in the canteen.
In one of such missions, the Meowscular chef sends players to find what is called ‘forgotten fossils’ in the area called the rotten vale. This guide will walk you through this quest and enable you in finding the fossils.

Where to Find Forgotten Fossils?
In monster hunter world, players will be able to unlock further side quests that are delivered in the quest board through the optional area. But in order to get those missions available, you will need to make more progress into the game, unlocking the high-rank content.

- It is there a chef quest is granted. One of these high-rank quests is called ‘pumped to deliver’ requiring the players to deliver four of the forgotten fossils. This is quite the unlike of the quest. While in the quest known as ‘the meat of the matter’, players are supposed to carry the stuff back to the campsite, here the players only to find where the forgotten fossils are and then simply leave.

- In order to find the fossils, you will need to explore a lot of areas in the monster hunter world. As the fossils lie scattered throughout these areas, the best option is therefore to go explore all the areas looking for the fossils. The favorite areas, however, are in the surroundings of the rotten vale that appear to be fossilized shells.

- The highest chances to come by the fossils lie in section 5 close to the border of section 3, and secondly in section 2. When you gather around these areas, you are likely to get the required number of fossils. It is not necessary that you go around all the locations. With a little bit of luck, you can find the fossils in numbers that you require even at only one of these locations!
- The chef quest, pumped to deliver is fairly a simpler quest but it may take a while trying to track the fossils down if you don’t know already where to find them.

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