Monster Hunter World: Where to Find Golden Fish?

Monster hunter world offers an enthralling gaming experience for the players. Due to the immense diversity of its quests, and the creativity that is required to complete them, the monster hunter world has indeed set high standards with the gamers.

Monster hunter world is full of endemic life of which fish population make up quite a percentage of the animals that the players can hunt. One of these fishes is a goldenfish that is needed for a quest and can also be used to decorate a hunter’s room. It is quite a challenge to find a goldenfish in monster hunter world and this is precisely what this guide aims to solve for you.
Where to find goldenfish?
First things first, you need to understand that goldenfish is a pretty rare fish in the monster hunter world.

As you set out on a quest called ‘Research Help: Goldenfish Capture bounty’, you’ll be required to capture a goldenfish for the researcher. There are three areas where the fish can be found in high abundance. Rotten vale has the highest presence of goldenfish followed by Coral Highlands, and Elder’s recess respectively.
Best places to look at to find goldenfish?
- If you are roaming in the Rotten vale, the best areas to look for the fish are section 9 and section 15. Fishing for goldenfish using the capture net is likely to be fruitful with the player ending up catching the fish.

- There is a chance that you may catch fish other than what you are looking for. Therefore, keep fishing until you find the right fish for the quest which is goldenfish. If you take the wrong fish to the researcher, the quest remains uncompleted and you won’t be able to proceed. Taking the right fish, a goldenfish, is key to successfully ending the quest.

- The mission is more of a test of your patience. You catch wrong fish multiple times before you are finally able to get your hands on goldenfish. This quest may definitely consume a lot of your time if you haven’t any experience. There are times when you will catch fish that you don’t need for 8- 10 times before you snag the goldenfish that you need.

- It is a real challenge snagging goldenfish, given the vast resources of the game. As players have countless materials and resources at your disposal to collect, clutching a goldenfish comes off as a tricky task requiring quite a lot of patience the player’s part.
To avoid confusions and keep yourself from getting lost, you are advised to look around and bookmark all the crafting material list and the guides in MHW so that you are aware of where to find the stuff you are looking for.