Monster Hunter World: Where to Find Gunpowder Fish?


Gunpowder fish is a kind of water-related animal that can be found in the monster hunter world. This animal holds significance because you can use it to craft item or for the customization of characters in the game. This fish is highly needed if you need to craft certain explosive traps. Also, the gunpowder fish is quite useful to help you decorate your room.

However, the trick to using the gunpowder fish lies in finding where exactly to find the fish. As many players have little to no idea about the right location of the gunpowder fish, they remain unable to take proper benefit from the fish. This guide will help you find the gunpowder fish and that how can you use it to your advantage.
How to Locate the Gunpowder Fish?
More important than finding the fish is knowing how does the fish look like. Gunpowder fish is basically a tiny fish that is even smaller than the fish you may have normally seen in the game. But the gunpowder fish have one important distinguishing feature: their glowing red-orange eyes!
This identification makes it quite comfortable for players to target the fish. When you go to a pool of water, all you need is to search for the little bright red lights emitting from below the surface of the water. These lights are an indication of where the fish are swimming.
Where to Find Gunpowder fish?
In order to find the fish, you should be focusing on the three areas that are considered as the main areas where the gunpowder fish can be found. These areas are Coral Highlands, Rotten Vale, and Elder’s Recess.

It is encouraging that your chances of getting the fish in all three areas are more or less the same. So, it doesn’t really matter which area you go to find the gunpowder fish. You can choose any location of your preference.

Below is the mention of the respective areas in different locations where you need to go to find the fish
- For Coral Highlands, go to the Area 7

- For Rotten Vale, go to the Area 9
- For Elder’s Recess, head to the Area 8
As soon as you reach the appropriate area, look for your prey in the pools. The gunpowder fish normally swim in pairs which means catching one will automatically bring in another fish. Depending upon the size of your catch, a successful catch of the fish will earn you a gunpowder fish scale or a great gunpowder fish scale. You may need these items because they play a crucial role in the crafting of some of the more powerful and effective trap bombs. Therefore, stocking them up could be a really good idea. That’s particularly helpful if you need to take down a Nergigante or any other Elder Dragons!
You can move about between the different areas in search of the gunpowder fish as most of them at a short walking distance from the campsite.