Monster Hunter World: Where to Find Might Seed?

Monster hunter world is a game in which the players are faced with a lot of threats and dangers to their character. Throughout different phases in a quest, it is vitally important for players to keep a check on their energy and health. Getting severely injured during combat with a beast is a serious possibility. As players progress into the game, they became more and more aware of the importance of potions and how they can help the players.
A dose of potion administered in time can seriously help you give a beating to a damned beast. But this won’t be possible until you know where to find the might seed to craft potions out it.
This monster hunter guide will let you know where you can find the might seed and how to prepare potions out of it.

Where to Find Might Seed?
In order to find the might seed which is an important ingredient in crafting potions that help players stay in power against the monster, the players may have to explore quite a bit. For starters, you may find the might seed in at least six different spots spread across the three different locations in the monster hunter world. You could have a serious chance at getting the might seed in the Rotten Vale and the Wildspire Waste.

At least two plants in the Rotten Vale, two in the Wildspire Waste, and two plants in the Elder’s Recess have a serious potential to provide you with the might seed. You can get quite a number of might seeds from here as each plant can give you two seeds. By making a quick run between these areas, you can manage to acquire at least 12 might seed.

Specific Locations of Might Seed
Certain areas have been mentioned where the chances of finding might seed are the highest. Here’s an exact detail of the locations where you can find each might seed plant.
In Rotten Vale Zone 10, might seed may be obtained against the wall at the top of the zone and the second spot lies at the bottom of the zone at the entrance to a passage.

In Wildspire Waste, Zone 15 located next to the campsite in an alcove. And in Zone 2 close to a river on the eastern part of the zone.
In Zone 16 and 7 of the Elder’s Recess might seed plants can be located first near the campsite as you head to Zone 12 and secondly near the campsite as you go to the Zone 5.

Using might seed, you can make three buffs namely Demon drug, demon power, and the might pill. Each of these provides you with unique strength skills and powers.