Monster Hunter World: Where to Find Nourishing Extract?


The more the players progress into the monster hunter the world, the harder the game becomes with challenge level gradually increasing in the coming quest. It obviously means that the players are required to prepare more to survive deadlier dragons. To keep yourself in strength and avoid fainting resulting in the loss of zennies, it is important to increase your hunter strength by crafting certain items.
The nourishing extract does exactly the same. It increases the player’s strength which empowers them to face the raging beasts without risking health and energy. Where can you find the nourishing extract? This guide is just about that. Carefully read it to understand what you need to go to get the nourishing extract.

What is Nourishing Extract?
The nourishing extract is one of the two important components that you need to craft an ancient portion which is a resource that gives players the power to take more damage and withstand for a longer time. As nourishing extract isn’t an easy item to come by, finding them is going to consume quite a lot of players’ time and efforts.
Where to find Nourishing Extract
In case you wish to acquire vast amounts of nourishing extract, you need to follow an important procedure which involves farming three big beasts in the monster hunter world. Monsters that you need to farm in order to acquire copious amounts of the nourishing extract are Odogaron, Paolumu, and Dodogama.

- Why is farming these monsters important is because upon death, each of these three beasts has a serious chance of rewarding the precious nourishing extract. It can therefore also be a good idea to use investigations for farming of the ingredient.
- Although there could be different ways to get the extract yet the best option is entering one of the high-rank expeditions and then collecting clues of the monster which the players wish to hunt. Once enough clues have been collected, you will find a few investigations related to that monster have been added to the resource center.

- From the resource center, look for the investigation that grants that players get gold rewards. These gold rewards have the benefit of bettering the player’s chances of receiving the nourishing extract. Making use of a lucky voucher, if you have any, is also a good idea before starting on a quest.
Having haunted down the monster, be sure to capture it. When done, glance at the reward screen and search for the nourishing extract there. Once you have acquired a number of the extract, combine it with a Kelbi horn to craft the ancient potion. This potion restores health to the fullest, and also increases the size of the health, and stamina bars.