Monster Hunter World: Where to Get Flame Sac?

Monster hunter world is a rather straightforward game, though filled with enthralling adventures, and full of curiosity. It is a world in its own right where players have to put in a lot of work and make headway into the majestic world that is monster hunter world.
The game has a simple and straight loop. You hunt a monster, and get materials to craft and upgrade a weapon. Then you upgrade the weapon and go on a hunt the more powerful monsters. In all this, the only confusion arises is when players are supposed to find a specific kind of material.
One of these quests requires the player to find flame sac and this is particularly important because no one should be slowed down by the search for the flame sac when they have a powerful Nergigante monster to kill.

Read through this guide to see where to find a flame sac in the monster hunter world.
Finding Flame Sac
In order to find a flame sac, the key requirement is to hunt a large monster in the monster hunter world. The process is very much similar to that of finding the thunder sac in the game.

- There are some specific monsters that you are required to hunt and kill. Beasts of the likes of Anjanath, Rathian, or Rathalos are needed to be hunted to help obtain flame sac. As all three monsters are famous for throwing fire, so you should go for monsters that are fire-based.

- Remember at this stage; you do not need higher versions of the flame sac. So, there is no point in going hunting monsters like Pink Rathian or other advanced rank fire-based monsters.

- Anjanath is the ideal monster to get flame sac from. Arguably the easiest to hunt and kill out of all three, the monster for sure provides flame sac in sufficient quantity. The other two monsters the Rathian and Rathalos are incredibly difficult to hit being the flying wyverns. For someone who prefers to hunt on the ground, they two could really pose a challenge.

- As Flame sac is not a carve drop, you can’t cut it out of the monsters. This is basically a reward. When you have successfully trapped and killed the monster, you return from the expedition; then you will receive your rewards.
A flame sac is a 3-star frequency rated award from the three big monsters. Your chances of getting a flame sac increase to a good extent when you use lucky voucher before you go out on the expedition to hunt.