Move Your iTunes Media Folder On Macs

The iTunes Media folder not only holds your music, movies, and TV shows, but it also includes the information that iTunes uses to remember playlists, play counts, ratings, and more. In other words, if you use iTunes frequently, you’re not going to want to move it around lest you confuse iTunes. However, if you want to move your media folder to a new computer, or if your hard drive is out of space and you want to store the folder externally, use the following steps to do so on a Mac.

Step 1
Before moving your folder, Apple suggests that you select the option to let iTunes keep the folder organized. To do this, launch iTunes, select the iTunes dropdown menu, and click “Preferences.” From there, select the “Advanced” tab, find the “Keep the iTunes Media folder organized” option, and check it. Click “OK” to approve the changes.

Step 2
Now, re-open the iTunes Preferences menu and go back to the Advanced tab. At the top of the menu is a box that tells you the current location of the media folder. To the right of this box, there is a “Change” button, which you should now click.

Step 3
Navigate to the spot on your computer or external hard drive where you want to move the iTunes Media folder. Once you’ve found the place, click “New Folder” from the lower left corner of the window. A box will open allowing you to type the name you want to give your new iTunes folder.

Step 4
Once you’ve typed the name in, click “Create,” then select the new folder from the “Change iTunes Media Folder” window and click “Open.” Finally, click “OK” in the Advanced Preferences menu to approve the changes.

Step 5
Back in iTunes, select the “File” dropdown, choose “Library,” and click “Organize Library.” Your media folder should now copy to the new location.

Of course, you can also go into Finder, select “Music,” find the iTunes folder and simply drag and drop it to a new location. The above steps, though, should make sure your iTunes knows where to find all of your files once they’ve been moved.