MS Word Replaces the Words Even If They Partially Match

If MS Word does so, it is correct at its own part. Every time you want to replace any specific word with another one, and you initiate the Find and Replace box to specify the word, MS Word searches for the given word and replaces it with the new one even if the specified word partially matches the words in the entire document. For example, if you want to replace the word ‘in’ with ‘under’, all the words that have ‘in’ between them such as ‘initial’ or ‘within’ are also modified along with the whole ‘in’ words hence making something like ‘underitial’, withunder’ and ‘under’.

Being a standard user, you are not expected to have expertise in the computers. However if you are facing such an issue, it is important to know the proper solution for the problem.

As discussed above, MS Word treats the specified word as a single entity, and replaces it with the new one wherever it finds it within the document.You can resolve the issue by telling the application to search only the words that meet certain criteria before they are replaced with the correct word. For example, you can tell MS Word to replace the word ‘in’ with ‘under’ only if it finds the ‘in’ as a whole word and not a part of any other word.

This specification requires just a few additional clicks to configure. Below is the process using which you can learn how to get the desired results by eliminating the annoying replacements of unwanted words:

    ■Log on to the computer on which you want to make the modifications in the contents.

    ■Locate and open the document in which the modifications are to be made.

    ■On the opened interface, press Ctrl+H keys simultaneously to initiate Find and Replace box.

    ■In the Find what field, type the word that is to be replaced.


    ■In the Replace with field, type the word with which the searchedword is to be replaced.

    ■Click More button.

    ■From the expanded options, check the Find whole words only checkbox.


    ■Start the search and replacement process using appropriate buttons.

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