Mute a Group Conversation In iOS 11

A chat group may contain several people, and there might be an ongoing conversation in the group. If you’re annoyed by too many notifications of the conversations you’re not related to, rather than putting your iPhone to Silent Mode altogether, it’s good to mute the group itself.
When you mute a group, you still get the New Messages badge at the top of the Messages icon, but your device would neither produce an alert sound, nor would it vibrate upon any conversation in the chat group.
Here’s how you can mute a group conversation in iOS 11:
    Get to the chat group
    Tap the Messages icon from the Dock, and tap the chat group you want to mute. This opens the chat group window and shows all its previous and ongoing conversations.


    Get to the Details window
    Tap the Details icon from the top-right corner. This opens the Details window of the chat group. You can manage various settings for the group from this window.

    Mute the group
    Tap the Hide Alerts toggle button. This enables the feature (if disabled), and keeps your device from producing any notification alerts for any conversation in the group.


    Get back to the group window

Tap Done from the top-right corner. This takes you back to the chat group window.