Netflix Won’t Stream on Apple TV: 5 Troubleshooting Tips

Issues with Netflix can be a problem with any streaming
media player. For Apple TV users, when the app won’t stream it can be for a
number of reasons that aren’t always clear. When Netflix refuses to cooperate,
use these five fixes to snap it back into reality.

Turn Off Airplay

Airplay is known to interfere with Netflix streaming. You
can temporarily disable it to get streaming working again.

1. Tap the airplay icon from within Netflix.

2. Select your current iOS device from the list.

3. Try to stream media again to see if it works.

Restart Apple TV

A quick restart will resolve any network or data related
Netflix issues. After it finishes booting up, your Netflix app should work

1. Unplug the Apple TV and wait two minutes.

2. Plug it back in. Wait for it to reach the Home Screen.

3. Open the Netflix app and stream media.

Reset Apple TV Settings

Doing this fix will force you sign into Netflix with a
username and password. It will also delete general settings, so use this as a
last resort.

1. Go to Settings and then General from the Home Screen.

2. Select Reset and choose to Reset All Settings. Make sure
to confirm this choice.

3. After the system guides you through the setup process,
Netflix should now be working.

Sign Out Of Netflix

Signing out of the app and back in will force a resync. This
is the quickest way to get streaming working.

1. Choose Sign Out while in the Netflix app.

2. Immediately Sign In and wait for the app to sync.

3. Test out streaming by picking any television show or

Check The Internet Connection

An internet connection test will identify any issues with
the current setup. Use it to find problems that prevent Netflix from streaming

1. Go to Settings and then General.

2. Next, select Network then Test Network. Confirm it by
selecting Ok.

3. Select the download speed you currently have and wait for
the test to finish.

4. If the test passes, then open Netflix and stream your


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