Open ADB folder on android SDK

You can ADB push a file to SDcard on your smartphone..

Things you need:
Rooted Phone

Recover tools (e.g clockworkmod recovery)


Download the Android SDK here:

then after download.. extract the files then locate the

then hold shift + rightclick platform tools then you will see the command prompt window

5.Reboot your device into recovery mode.
6.Go to “Mounts & Storage” and make sure that you can see ”Unmount /sdcard/” and “Unmount /system/” (If they do not show this automatically, just press each one once respectively as pressing just toggles Mount and Unmount).
7.Now connect your device to the PC.
8.Once the phone is connected to the PC type “adb devices” in the cmd. If it returns a long alphanumeric string the phone is successfully connected in ADB mode.

then type adb if you forgot the commands you can see the commands there
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