Opening Apps Faster on Android Wear Watches

If you're having an issue opening apps on your Android Wear device, ty an app called Wear Mini Launcher.

Wear Mini Launcher can be downloaded and installed on your smartphone for free from Google Play Store. However it is important that the smartwatch must be paired with the smartphone on which the above app is installed in order to open the apps on your Android smartwatch faster.

Step-by-step instructions to download, install, and use Wear Mini Launcher are given below:

    ■Connect you Android smartphone with the Android Wear device via Bluetooth.
    ■On the smartphone, open Play Store by tapping the Play Store icon from the Menu screen.

    ■Once opened, search and install Wear Mini Launcher on your phone.

    ■When installed, go to the Menu screen on your smartwatch.
    ■From the opened screen, locate and tap Start.

    ■On the Start screen, tap Wear Mini Launcher.

    ■From the next screen, ensure that the Enable Drawer checkbox is checked and exit the Settings screen.

    ■Swipe the screen from the top-left corner to the bottom-right corner (i.e. diagonal swipe) to access the app drawer.
    ■Once the app drawer opens up, tap the desired app that you want to run.


Note: To close the app drawer, slide your finger to the left on your smartwatch’s screen.