Opt-Out of Endorsements on LinkedIn

LinkedIn profiles are set up to receive endorsements from other users regarding your skills. Profile owners can be endorsed on skills by all of their connections.

In most cases it is advisable that you leave the endorsements on and allow your connections to commend you on your skills.

On the other hand, you may not want other users endorsing you for skills. In order to make this happen, LinkedIn allows you to opt-out of the endorsements by editing your LinkedIn profile.

Opting-out of endorsements in LinkedIn is easy. Here's how:

    ■Using your favorite web browser, sign-in to your LinkedIn account.
    ■On the Home page, hover mouse over the Profile menu from the menu bar at the top.
    ■From the displayed list, click the Edit Profile option.

    ■Locate the Skills category under the Background section.
    ■Once located, click the Edit link (pencil icon) at top-right corner of the category.

    ■On the next page, under the Skills and Endorsement Settings section, click to select the NO radio button representing I want to be endorsed.
    ■Finally, click the Save button to Opt-out the endorsements.