Pairing a Sony SmartWatch 2 Using LiveWare and NFC

Sony SmartWatch 2 has a unique feature integrated in it that allows the smartwatch to be paired with the Android smartphones using LiveWare and NFC features. Even though a new app named Smart Connect is available on Google Play Store that can be used to eliminate the need of LiveWare Manager, this tutorial focuses on using LiveWare Manager to connect your Sony SmartWatch 2 with your Android smartphone (typically Sony) with the help of NFC feature.

Note: It is essential that the smartphone to which you wish to pair your Sony SmartWatch 2 must have NFC feature in it.

Once you are sure that LiveWare Manager is available on your smartphone and your phone is NFC enabled, pairing the phone with your Sony SmartWatch 2 is simple:

    ■Turn on your Sony SmartWatch 2.
    ■Switch on your Android smartphone having the NFC feature.
    ■Keep the Sony SmartWatch 2 in contact with your smartphone (touch the screen of the watch to the back of the phone) to pair the watch with the handset.
    ■Once both the devices get paired, on your phone go to Google Play Store.
    ■When you are on the Play Store page on the smartphone, search and install the LiveWare app on your Android phone (if not already available).
    ■Once installed, tap OPEN to launch the app.
    ■When launched, go through the on-screen instructions to setup the app and start accessing the paired smartwatch via LiveWare.