Play Radio in Chromebook

Your Chromebook also allows you to play music from Internet radio without installing any third-party programs on the computer. The built-in application that helps you listen to the Internet radio is Banshee Media Player. All you need to do in order to listen to the Internet radio is, have a good Internet connection, and the URL of the radio station that you want to listen to. Of course you can get the URLs of several Internet radio stations with a brief online search, and add multiple radio stations to Banshee Media Player.

Here is how you can use Banshee Media Player to play radio in Chromebook:

    ■Log on to your Chromebook.
    ■Click Menu (Gear icon) from the bottom-left corner on the desktop screen.

    ■From the displayed list, locate and hover mouse over the Sound & Video menu.
    ■Click Banshee from the submenu.

    ■Once the Banshee Media Player window opens up, locate and right-click Radio from the navigation pane in the left.
    ■Click Add Station from the context menu.

    Note: Make sure that the Chromebook is connected to the Internet.
    ■On the opened Add new radio station box, type station genre and name of the station in the Station Genre and Station Name fields respectively.
    ■Provide a valid station URL in the Station URL field.
    ( in this demonstration.)
    ■Optionally, populate the Station creator, Description, Rating fields if desired.
    ■Click Save to add the station.

    ■Once done, right-click the added station from the right-most pane of the Banshee Media Player window.
    ■Click Play from the context menu to start playing the radio station.

Note: To add more than one radio station, you must follow the steps individually for each station.