PlayersUnknown's Battlegrounds - How to Loot Faster


When it comes to looting, it is imperative that you understand that there are no secrets or tricks. It is all about understanding the mechanics of the game and keeping important places in mind.
If you want to get some tips on looting faster, you should read them below:
Know the Buildings:
This is the most imperative thing to do. If you are someone who lands in a specific area of the map then you need to get as much information about that area as you can. You should know which building contains loot and which building doesn’t.This will help you get the loot a lot faster as instead of wasting your time in buildings that do not contain the loot; you will directly go to the ones that have the loot.

Once you have obtained necessary information regarding the buildings that contain loot, you will now need to learn about those buildings. This means that you will have to go through the building to know which rooms contain loot so next time you go in the building, you directly head for the rooms that contain the loot. This will eliminate the time that would’ve spent in searching the building. Once you get the clear idea of which building has loot and which room contains it, you will save a lot of your time and will be able to loot a lot faster.

Use Interact Key:
There are two things that you can do with the loot that is on the ground, you can either bring up the inventory, or you can use the interact key to pick it up. The best thing that you should do when it comes to getting a solo item or selected items is that you should use the interact key. This is because opening inventory and swiping items will take time and you want to loot faster. So just aim over the item you want to pick up and then just pick it up by using the interact key.

Bring Inventory on Enemy Crates:
This is the scenario when you need to take multiple loots from the ground or you have an enemy crate lying on the ground. So in this case, what you will do is that you will bring up the inventory and then you will swipe the items that you want to include in your inventory. This way, you will be able to get more items in your inventory in less time. It is a simple thing to do but if you add it to your routine looting, you will be able to get the loot faster.

These are some of the tips related to looting faster. There is no trick or secret behind looting faster than others; you just need to use the right tools at the right time and be at the right place before others.