PlayersUnknown's Battlegrounds - Solo Looting Tips


Grabbing loot is indeed one of the most important parts of the game as you will have to gear up quickly or you may die without a weapon in your hands. So to be effective and efficient at looting, there are some things you should do. Refer to those things below:
Land at Unpopular Area with Buildings:
When it comes to looting as a solo player, it is important that you land at an area that is unpopular but has lots of buildings. This is necessary because popular areas will have a lot of players visiting and you don’t want someone else to take your loot and kill you. So land in an area that is not so popular and then rush towards the building. Once you go inside, make sure to close the door behind you so if anyone comes in the area, they will not think someone is already inside the building.

Get Any Weapon:
Once you are inside the building, your first priority is finding the weapons. Don’t thing about getting that fancy jeans or health items or a grenade. Just go for a weapon. It doesn’t matter which weapon you come across, just pick it up. This is because at the start of the game you will very vulnerable and any weapon is better than no weapon. So even if you see a pistol, grab it and then start finding better weapons. So that way, if you come across an enemy while you are searching for a weapon, you will have something to defend yourself.

Grab Necessities:
The things that you should be opting for after you have grabbed a weapon include the armor, helmet, pan, healing items and boosters. All of these things are very important as the armor and helmet will give you a defense while the pan will cover you from the back. The healing items will help you in the long run and boosters will help you go above the 75 health if you go below it. Also, the boosters will increase your speed so these are worth taking.

Wait After Killing an Enemy:
This is one of the most important tactics of getting the loot from enemies. If you engage with an enemy and kill him. There is a chance that other enemies nearby may have heard you and may be on their way to kill you. So the best thing to do after killing an enemy is to first wait a few seconds and look around to see if anyone is coming or not. If you see no one, then go ahead and quickly grab the loot and then again find a cover to make sure no one is following you.

These are some of the tips related to looting as a solo. Just remember that you should choose an unpopular area and then grab a weapon first.