PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds - Advanced Tips

PUBG is an interesting game that sets itself apart from the typical battle royale games. This is the reason that players who are new to it will find it a bit different. And if you want to get better at this game quickly then you should read the few advanced tips mentioned below:
Be Aggressive to Improve:
Most of the players in the game take the safer road. They avoid fights and sneak around especially when they are still learning the game. This is a wrong approach if you want to dominate at the game. This is because you can’t sneak forever. You will eventually come under the crosshairs of an enemy and even if you avoid that, you will have to fight at the end game and the enemies at that time will be pros as they survived the whole match.

So, what you need to do is to take a more aggressive stance in the game. You need to drop in big cities, areas that are populated. And when you do that, you need to find other players and then engage with them. This will improve your combat skills and you will eventually get better at facing enemies who are better at combat.

Be Sneaky when Necessary:
Continuing from the point above, you don’t have to always engage with enemies, sometimes you need to be stealthy. And that’s especially when you see two or more enemies ahead. You know you cannot kill both at your learning phase, so either wait for them to split up or avoid them. But don’t be sneaky when there is no need especially when you drop in the map as you will have to be quick in finding weapons at that time. So if you instead hide, you will be wasting time and other players may take the loot that you should’ve gotten.

Mental Notes of Gear Locations:
This is important. You should always be remembering places where you found good loot. This is because if you want quick loot, you can always directly drop at those locations and collect the loot. Also, it will help you gear up and get better loot if you initially find crap in the name of loot. So you can always head for the places you remember and get some good loot. Do the same with the cars. There is a big need for cars in this game as the distances are huge. So whenever you see a car remember that place.

Use Red Zones:
Most of the people just avoid going into the red zone for obvious destruction that is going on there. But, if you have an enemy chasing you or there are enemies nearby who know about you, you can always go into the red zone and take shelter in any structure. This will protect you from the bombs and will likely stop the enemies from chasing you.

These are some of the advanced tips that players who are in the beginner level will find helpful. Just make sure that you implement the things mentioned above to get the benefit.