PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds - Movement Tips


When it comes to movement in the game, a lot of players think it is just plain movement from one place to another while it is not. There are different things that you can do to make sure you are moving effectively. So to know those things, read the tips below:
Understand Your Surroundings:
First of all, it is very important that you scout your area because when you know your surroundings properly, it becomes very easy to move to the area. For instance, if you scout an area where there are a few buildings at a distance. Suppose you are going there and someone starts to shoot you from a distance, you can always go to those buildings as you know that there are some buildings at a distance. So that way, you will not have to search for a place to get cover at the last minute.

Lean From Corners:
This is a very useful tactic. If you see someone at a distance, the best way to take them down is to first pick a corner if it is possible. Then you can switch to the third person view and then hold the lean button. Your sight will provide you with a larger view without the risk of exposing yourself. Make sure to do this with great care as a lot of movement can give away your position. A lot of players use this tactic where they peek and then hide unless they see the target, by remaining lean you will be able to reduce the damage you will take otherwise.

Always Look Around:
You must always be looking around while you are moving especially in open areas. This is because you will always be at risk of getting spotted by someone and that person may either attack your or may start to follow you for a better aim. So to make sure you are not followed by anyone, you should always look around while you are moving. Now if you do this, your character will move in the direction you take the crosshair and that can slow you down. So what you should do is to press the Alt key while you are running as it will not change the direction of your character and you will be able to look around as well.

Don’t Let Windows Slow You Down:
This is another thing that you should keep in mind; windows slow you down. When you are jumping through the window, you may get stuck and to avoid that you need to be smooth so you directly land on the other side. To do this, you need to press the jump and crouch buttons at the same time. If you do this, you will smoothly pass the window and will be able to shoot while doing that as well.

These are some of the movement tips that you should keep in mind. Just practice these things and you will get better at them soon.