PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds - Tips for Cover

When it comes to taking cover, many players just think that they have to hide behind a structure and they will be safe. Well it is true to some extent but there is more to it that can help you be safer on a cover. So read the tips below:
Buildings Are Your Best Bet:
This is true, when it comes to getting cover, the best thing that you can go for is a building. Now there are different types of buildings in the game and you can use all of them as long as you are covered in every direction. But, the best building for a cover is the one that has two floors. This is because you can get to the upper floor and that will help you asses the situation of your surrounding better.

You can take help from the footsteps of the enemies and will know if someone has entered in the ground floor to find you. This will help you get ready for them as soon as they come up. You can reload your weapons in that time and then aim for the staircase. As soon as the enemy comes up, you can just start shooting them and they will not get a chance of recovery from this surprise attack.

Use the Third Person View:
When you are playing as the third person view it is easier for you to assess the surroundings better. This is because the third person view will allow you to see in all directions without having to turn your player. This is also very helpful when you are taking cover in a room and there is an enemy outside of that room; you can just go next to the wall by the door and turn your mouse to get a view of outside the room. If you see the enemy coming towards you, you can quickly get ready and set your aim towards the door. Third person view will also help you when you are behind a tree, rock, container or anything that is giving you cover from just one side. You can use this view to look across the structure you are using as cover without coming out from the cover.

Beware of the Storm:
The enemy that is bigger than all other enemies in the game is indeed the storm. And you need to especially keep an eye on it when you are taking cover in the end game. This is because you may not be aware of it getting closer to you and may go past you, leaving you exposed to health damage.

So therefore, whenever you are taking cover behind a tree, rock, container or hiding in a bush, keep an eye on the storm so that when it gets closer, you can switch to next cover that is far from the storm.

So these are some of the tips that will help you get the cover in a more effective manner and you will be safer if you implement the things mentioned above.