PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds - Tips to Getting Chicken Dinner

When it comes to getting the Chicken Dinner in the game, there are some things that you should do to increase your chances of getting it. So read the following things below:
Choosing the location to drop plays a huge part in deciding whether you will get the chicken dinner or not. This is because if you drop at a location that is rich in loot, you will be able to gear up quickly and early in the game so you will have a better chance of winning combat and defending yourself.

The grinding part of the match is to loot gear. You will have to go from building to building and swipe virtually every room to find loot that will be useful to you. Just make sure to keep the doors of the buildings closed when you are inside them or outside as well. This is because it will not alert the enemy of your presence. Also, make sure to get weapons that are in combo according to their ranges. If you have short distance weapon, make sure to get a long distanced one as well to keep a balance.

Remember, the circle is not your friend, it is the friend of your enemy. So make sure to always keep an eye on the timer and be prepared to get to the new circle as fast as you can. Decide if you want to chase or camp. If you are a chaser then you will have to move quickly from zone to zone and you are likely to face enemies from the front not from the back. The problem with chasers is that they may get caught in the storm. But if you are the camper, you will then have to move to every circle quickly and camp in the middle of it. If you do that, you will be facing enemies from every direction. So decide carefully based on your skills.

Airdrops and Vehicles:
Airdrops are the important part of the game if you want to survive the final circle of the game, you will need to level up with the weapons and you can only find high-end gear in the air drops. To get to the air drops quickly and get out of there quickly as well, you will need a vehicle so make sure to get a vehicle as soon as you have geared up. Run beside the road if you don’t find a vehicle near your drop site and you will eventually find a vehicle. Once you see a supply box dropping, note its direction in compass and follow it until you reach it, grab the gear and get out of there quickly.

Final Circle:
Now this is the survival of the fittest. The circle is closing in and you are left with other pro players who have survived this long. Just keep using the meds and boosts to fill up your health. Make sure to switch scoped weapons for close range combat and turn every weapon on auto fire. Stay hidden and if your location is compromised, take another position. If you see an enemy hiding somewhere, throw a grenade at them. Just make sure to wait long enough when you are left with a few enemies or maybe just one and then take him out. The Chicken Dinner will be yours.

These are some of the tips to getting the Chicken Dinner. Just make sure to read them carefully and follow them to increase your chances of getting the win.