PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds - Useful Tactics

When it comes to little things in the game that most of the players don’t even think about, some players pay attention to them and get an advantage over those who don’t.

So some of the useful tactics in the game are:
Know Health Items:
Knowing the health items means that you should know which item adds how much health points. This will help you get the amount of health you need and not overuse an item. For instance, you may need just a few health points which can be achieved with a bandage but you may end up wasting your First-Aid Kit. Also, make sure to know the amount of time each item takes to be fully consumed. This is because sometimes you may not have enough time to spare for a health item and you use it anyway and may end up getting killed by a nearby enemy in the process. This usually happens in the end game. So the time each health item takes to be fully consumed is:
- MedKit takes 10 seconds.
- First-Aid Kit takes 7 seconds.

- Bandage takes 4 seconds.

Be Intelligent About Boosts:
Boosts are often overlooked and most players don’t even use them. But they are very useful items and can help you achieve full health if you don’t have a med-kit. This is because you will only be able to get to the 75 points of your health no matter how many bandages or first-aid kits you use. But if you use a boost, you will be able to get to full hundred health so it is a great way to get a full HP. Also, a boost will give you a run speed boost that will be helpful if you are chasing an enemy or trying to escape one.

Don’t Just Go for Supply Drop:
Often in the game you will hear a sound of a plane and then that plane will drop a supply drop at a random location. The supply drop contains high-end gear and that’s why it is a magnet that attracts a lot of players to it. So if you directly go to the supply drop and start getting loot inside it, there is a good chance that someone opens fire at you from nearby. So what you should do is to wait near the supply drop and start taking out enemies who approach it or you can just wait for the enemy to take the loot and then kill it to get the loot.

Chasing Supply Drop:
This is another important thing that often players overlook. If you want to get a supply drop that is dropping at a far distance, then you would chase it but the problem is that due to hills and trees, you can often forget its direction and lose the supply drop. But here’s a little trick. When you see a supply drop dropping at a distance, just take your crosshair to the supply drop and note the direction in the compass above. Then just follow that direction no matter what and you will eventually see the red smoke coming from the supply drop.
These are some of the useful tactics that players usually don’t pay attention to. If you follow these tactics, you will see a slight improvement in your game and any improvement is better than nothing.