PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds - Vehicle Tips

There are some of the tips related to vehicles that will help you use the vehicles in more ways than just using them to go from one place to another.

So if you want to know about them, then read them below:
Keep an Eye on Fuel:
This is very important if you want to keep the vehicle for a long time. And you should keep one for a long time as you will need to travel to the safe zones faster when the game progresses and you will need speed and good cover from the enemies who you may come across. So it is imperative that you keep an eye on the fuel of your vehicle.

Also, whenever you are looting in a building and come across a fuel can, make sure to pick it up as you will definitely need it in the future if you continue to use the vehicle. Some people get confused on how to use the fuel can and when they fail to use it, they start to travel on foot to find a new vehicle. Well, it is very easy to use the fuel can. When you are sitting inside the vehicle, open the inventory and then you will see the fuel can, click on it and then click use and it will begin fueling your vehicle. It is as simple as that.
Use to Kill:
This is very useful tip and can get you a lot of kills if you use the vehicle right. What you need to do is to run over your vehicles on enemies you see along your way. This is easy as most of the players won’t get a chance to dodge the vehicle and you will be able to run over them quickly. Most of the players don’t die in the first run over and they get downed.

So you need to turn your vehicle and then again run it over them to kill them. You can do this with almost all enemies. Just make sure to not to stop your vehicle when the enemy is aware of your location as he will start firing and if you are at one place you will get the damage. So keep moving if you are getting fired.

Use as Cover:
This is also a very good use of a vehicle. It may not work on bikes but it is great for cars. You can always park your car and use it as a cover to fight nearby enemies. You can also stop your car and consume bandages while sitting inside it; this will provide you cover if you are out in the open. You can also use your car to stop just beside the supply drop and then use it to take cover while looting the box and then once you are done, quickly get in and drive away.

These are some of the tips regarding the use of a vehicle, Just make sure to read them carefully and implement them to get the proper advantage of a vehicle.