Prevent Windows Phone from Sleeping During Calls

Smartphone screens lock after a certain period of inactivity. This might extend your battery life but can be annoying when you want to use the screen during calls. This tutorial discusses how you can prevent your Windows Phone from sleeping during calls. Follow the instructions below:


1. On your Windows phone, open the app list.

2. Then tap on ‘Settings’ from the app list.

3. On the next page tap on ‘Lock Screen’ under the System tab.

4. Tap on ‘Screen times out after’ option, there will be several options like 30 seconds/1 minute/5 minutes/10 minutes/etc.

5. Tap on the time you want your phone to use to time out. Try
to select the higher ones such as-10/15/30 minutes. It will help you to prevent your phone from sleeping during a long conversation.

6. After doing it, just return to the ‘Start Screen’.

7. Remember to manually lock your phone when you are not using it.