Provide Another User with an iTunes Allowance

By setting iTunes Allowance for other users, you give their Apple IDs a specific amount of credit that they can spend on Apple's App Store to buy items online. With iTunes Allowance, you remain assured and relaxed that your kids and/or other users cannot spend more than the amount that you have granted to their IDs as iTunes Allowance.

Here is how you can provide other users with iTunes Allowance:

    ■Log on to your Windows PC.
    ■Locate and double-click the iTunes icon to launch the application.
    ■If you are not already logged in, click the profile picture icon from the top.
    ■On the iTunes box, provide your Apple ID and password in the Apple ID and Password fields respectively.
    ■Click Sign In.
    ■On the opened window, click the iTunes Store tab from the top.
    ■From the MUSIC QUICK LINKS section at the right, click Send iTunes Gifts.
    Note: Make sure you have already provided your payment information in the iTunes account.
    ■Once the Send an iTunes Gifts interface comes up, click Learn More About Gifting from the bottom.
    ■When the next window appears, under the Allowances section, click Set Up an Allowance.
    ■On the opened Set Up an iTunes Allowance window, in the Your Name and Recipient’s Name fields, provide your name and the name of the person for whom you want to set allowance respectively.
    ■Choose the desired amount from the Monthly Allowance drop-down list.
    ■After this, choose the desired radio buttons as per your convenience, and complete the form with the values as needed.
    ■Click the Continue button from the bottom.
    ■When prompted, on the Sign in to Set Up Allowance box, provide your Apple ID credentials.
    ■Click Setup to set the allowances for the desired user.